Applications for Summer 2021 are now open! Scroll to the bottom of this page to apply today.

Please visit our website for information about this seasons programs!

If you have any questions about the process, please reach out at or call us at 802-865-4448.

Reminder: students that were accepted to the 2020 GIV Online Summer Immersions are automatically accepted for the 2021 Summer Immersions! 

  • We will still need some info if you are auto-accepted such as what Immersion you would like to attend and basic contact info.
  • Please create an application and fill out the "Student Information Form" & the "Application Form." There is a question on the "Application Form" to determine if you were accepted in 2020 and the requirements of the application will change depending on your answer. After you submit, we will verify that you were accepted in 2020 before you are accepted in 2021. 
  • Students applying for Math this year may need to supply additional info if they were not specifically accepted to Math in 2020.

How to Apply: 

New Here?  Look for the green button that says "Register" or "Sign Up". After creating your account, select the program you wish to apply for and begin completing the simple tasks to submit your application!

Returners:  Use the same email address you used previously to log in to your account. Just select "Get Started," then follow the prompts to create a new application.

Forget your password?  Click the "Forgot your password?" link just under the sign-in area. If you are still having trouble, email us at or call 802-865-4448.

PARENTS: Please keep in mind that your students need to start and complete their own application. Each student must have their own account in their name and email. Applications completed by parents will be disregarded.

Parents of accepted students:  Once enrolled, your students can grant you access to their application anytime they're signed in. If you or your student need help with this, email us at or call 802-865-4448.


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